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Van Gogh, 1987

Collection: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Material: acry on canvas with frame of Hydrostone, brass candlesticks, liquor bottle, crystal vase, blue flower, deskset, coins, bread, keys, glass eye, wine glass, Human Brain

Dimensions: 74 X 48 ½ X 13"

Kidney Stone, 1986

Collection: Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

Material: Acrylic on canvas with frame of plaster, Hydrostone, rocks, bone and nails

Dimensions: 40 X 32 X 6"

Looking at Art and Nature, 1987

Collection: Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas, Texas

Material: Acrylic on canvas board with frame of Hydrostone and oak limb, rubber gloves, birds nest, egg, auto side-mirror, dirt

Dimensions: 35 ¼ X 59 x 10"

Yellow Dog Walking on Water, 1987-1988

Collection: Art Museum of Southeast Texas, Beaumont, Texas

Material: Acrylic on canvas with frame of plaster and Hydrostone, cyclone wire gate, dog ornamentation, locks and leash

Dimensions: 46 X 40 X 10"

A Quiet Day in Studio 13, 1988

Collection: San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, Texas


Dimensions: 48 X 60 x 8"

The Family, 1980

Collection: El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas

Material: Acrylic on canvas with mirrors

Dimensions: 72 X 96"

Jive Plantation, 1991

Collection: The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA

Material: Bale of cotton, Home Sweet Home yardage, candelabra, mahogany chair, Corelle plates hand painted, wine glasses, plow and watercolor


Judgment, 1985

Collection: Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas

Material: Acrylic, tape and charcoal on paper

Dimensions: 22 ¼ X 14 ¾"

Harken, 1986

Collection: The Contemporary Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii

Material: Acrylic on canvas with natural wood frame

Dimensions: 36 X 30 X 8"

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