BERT L. LONG JR, Houston based internationally known artist is seeking financial support to construct a virtual reality happening: the million pound multicolored ice installation sculpture “LOVE”, an image that will symbolize peace and brotherhood in these times of world unrest and war between so many people.  Bert is asking people who believe in the power of Arts to affect change to contribute $1.00 per pound to cover the costs.  All money received will be put in a special escrow account to cover this project and a full accounting afterwards the project will be provided.  An entrance admittance fee will be determined and anyone donating over $100 will be given two tickets.  Children under 6 admitted free, and other rules concerning admittance will be formulated as the project progresses.
     # 2   DEATH VALLEY
     # 3   ATLANTIC CITY
     # 4   MASS MOCA

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